Pregnabit – Digital Fetal Health Monitoring System for Telemedicine

 THURSDAY, July 19 | ROOM W205 C

Is it possible to bring every pregnancy to a happy ending?  Is it possible to reduce perinatal mortality rate? Globally? Regionally? For a given country?  

Pregnabit is a unique combination of modern device and software platform designed to support doctors and midwives daily work. It enables pregnant women CTG monitoring anywhere, at any time, especially when an extra visit to the doctor’s office is not possible or necessary. 

Pregnabit combines well-known and proven features of professional stationary CTG device, used in hospitals, with modern mobile devices. Pregnabit sets a new trend in patients monitoring and significantly raises the level of prenatal prevention.

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Please come, see and experience Pregnabit system – an innovative integrated mobile CTG platform.

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Early detection of threats, including through CTG measurements, may have a real impact on quicker response, thus gives a chance to implement a relevant medical procedure. This can be especially important in monitoring pregnancies preceded by problems with conception, when in vitro method was used, or in case of pregnant women who have experienced a miscarriage and complications.

Pregnabit is the digital fetal health monitoring system for telemedicine. Let’s discovery the power of Pregnabit together.

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  • Investors
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  • Healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics)
  • Medical Doctors (Obstetrician, Gynecologists)
  • Midwives

11:00AM - 11:30AM followed by hands-on from 11:30AM - 12PM