Digital promotional opportunities


Businesses are now leveraging technologies and innovations to create alternative solutions to fulfill their business
objectives. To help you achieve yours, we have developed a digital promotion package which will help you to continue building great relationships, connect with your target audience and generate new business leads online.


FIME continues to connect with our participants via newsletter and content building which has increased our website traffic. We are happy to offer you this opportunity where you can promote your products and services on our platform. Options include:

  • 1x sponsored editorial written by Omnia Health team (dedicated healthcare content platform)


  • Article promotion via 3x social media posts from Omnia Health


  • 3x social media posts from FIME, Hospitalar and Expo Med media accounts


  • Display advertising guaranteed 100,000 impressions of your banner creative to FIME, Hospitalar and Expo Med audiences


Here is an opportunity you cannot miss, communicate directly to FIME audience. We will promote your tailored message about your products and services directly to our participants through our digital solutions to generate quality leads.
Options include:

  • Your white paper / eBook hosted on Omnia Health Insights content platform

  • 1x dedicated email sent to targeted database list

  • Promoted through weekly newsletter 80,000+ reach

  • Promoted by 5x social media posts from FIME, Hospitalar and Expo Med

  • Promoted by 5x social media posts from Omnia Health

  • Leads sent to you on ongoing basis for 3 months


An interactive opportunity to establish virtual thought leadership and a sure way to generate leads.
Options include:

  • 1x 45 minute webinar plus 15 minute live Q&A session

  • Editorial guidance from Omnia Health team

  • Dedicated marketing campaign to generate webinar registrations, including targeted emails, newsletter features, social media, and display advertising

  • Registration leads sent to you following your webinar

  • Webinar on demand to be hosted on Omnia Health Insights; ongoing leads to be sent to you for 6 months