FIME Overview

The Florida International Medical Expo (FIME), now in its 27th year, is the largest medical trade fair across the Americas. 

The exhibition will welcome over 22,000 medical and healthcare trade professionals from North, Central and South America, as well as from across the globe, to do business with 1,500+ national and international companies showcasing new and refurbished medical and hospital equipment, technology, products and supplies. 

Alongside the exhibition, FIME 2017 will also introduce:

  • Dealer & Distributor Wall 

A dedicated wall at the exhibition, and now an online digital platform, offering dealers / distributors / agents the opportunity to publicise the products and services they are seeking, with their contact info.

Exhibitors have direct access to the information and contact details on the Dealers & Distributor wall and can get in touch directly to arrange a meeting during the show.

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  • The Laboratory Zone

FIME 2017 hosts a dedicated laboratory zone titled MEDLAB Americas, part of the MEDLAB Series portfolio which is a proven successful exhibition and conference model on an international scale.

With exceptional year-on-year growth within the already established MEDLAB portfolio, from the Middle East, to Asia and Africa, as well as the newly introduced European edition, MEDLAB Americas will satisfy the incessant demand for a broad medical laboratory expo in the Americas. Offering over 163 lab product categories within the expo, and 3 CME accredited conferences provided by Cleveland Clinic, MEDLAB Americas will help to bridge the gap between the healthcare industry and the laboratory industry.

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  • Education

Demonstrating Informa Life Sciences’ philosophy of ‘Exhibition with Education’, FIME introduces 6 conferences and 2 seminars to the 27th edition.

Conferences are tailored to providing case studies and best practise for overcoming challenges within the healthcare industry from HAI prevention, to 3D medical printing, to technology innovations and laboratory specific conferences focused on clinical microbiology, haematology and point of care testing.

Seminars include medical device regulations across the Americas and business skills dealers, distributors and agents can benefit from employing to increase their ROI.

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This year, FIME will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, from August 8-10, 2017.