CEO interview

Nelson Fathollahi, CEO of Ampronix Medical Imaging Technology

Ampronix: Staying ahead of the game

Creating a solution if there isn’t one that currently exists, is one of Ampronix’s key strengths, thanks to the firm’s awareness of the gap in current technology. The company believes that creating a short-term result isn’t the answer to understanding the core of the problem, shares Nelson Fathollahi, CEO at Ampronix Medical Imaging Technology. “We keep in consistent contact with all of our customers to ensure their needs are met. We work diligently to stay ahead of the curve and turn out innovative products with an in-house research and design department as well as an in-house inspection and diagnosis team.”

  • Give us a brief about yourself. How did you come to work in healthcare?
    Ampronix was originally founded in 1982 as a service and IT company mostly servicing hospitals, but we quickly transitioned into the medical market completely, by getting involved with sales and service in 1986. It wasn’t long until I realised larger companies had a monopoly on the healthcare industry, and that’s when I was aware for the need of quality sales, service, and repair facilities. I’m positive that Ampronix is the ideal resource for customers who require quick, quality service, and efficient solutions for their healthcare environment.
  • What do you think is currently driving the healthcare industry forward, both in the Americas as well as globally?
    I believe technological advancements are driving the healthcare industry forward alongside products being more readily available.
  • What are the technological, medical and strategic innovations that your company brings to the healthcare arena? What new products will you be showcasing at FIME 2019?
    This year at FIME we are partnering with LG Business Solutions and displaying their latest 8MP Clinical and Surgical displays. We will also be showcasing a Universal Modality Replacement CRT to Flat Panel LED displays as well as an OEC Upgrade Kit. Being in the business for over 35 years and currently selling products to 131 counties has allowed us to receive direct feedback from Biomeds and customers alike. If they run into an issue and a product is not currently available to give them a solution, we have an in-house research and development centre where we are able to create products to facilitate their concerns.

    We have done this with our MODALIXX displays, which are currently programmed with over 5,000 parameters to allow the display to sync up with pre-existing modalities. We are able to convert legacy CRT displays that are still being used in Cath Labs and are able to convert those to Flat Panel LED displays. This solution has been very effective for both the Latin America and U.S. markets. Additionally, we have a full service and repair facility that allows us to repair medical equipment such as ultrasound machines, printers, projectors, medical displays, recorders, and patient monitors.
  • How would you evaluate the impact of FIME on the healthcare industry in the Americas?
    Ampronix’s participation at FIME is highly beneficial. At the show, we have the ability to meet with new companies and representatives that are interested in our products and services, from all around the world especially in Latin America and the U.S. market.
  • What, according to you, are the opportunities available to healthcare and trade professionals who attend FIME?
    I would say it is continued growth. A majority of our business is within these markets and we value the opportunity to exhibit at the FIME tradeshow every year because it helps us to bring all of these markets together.
  • What would you say are some of the most challenging aspects of your role?
    To continually transfer the vision of Ampronix and our capabilities to employees so they can adapt and build upon it with great passion.
  • Could you shed light on your future plans? Are there any new products/services in the pipeline?
    Ampronix is always evolving with today’s technology to ensure we are ahead of the game. We are always prepared for all of our customers’ needs, by planning accordingly. Our current focus is on building our customer base by covering more regions around the world. We currently export to more than 130 countries worldwide but are constantly working to increase our visibility.
  • Anything else you would like to add.
    We offer the best pricing on our products to our customers, as we get the best prices from the original manufacturers. Ampronix offers quality products and ensures they are held up to the highest standards with an honest purchasing method.