The latest injection molding and extrusion technologies by Altech Breathing Systems

From granule form raw material to finished product Altera founded in 2003 utilises the latest injection molding and extrusion technologies. This ensures the highest level of quality and performance from initial design through to final product. All products are designed and manufactured to relevant BS, ISO and EN standards, are CE marked and the quality management systems have been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO13485.

Altera is a company that is entirely focused in the area of anesthesia /ICU / homecare and aims to provide a complete solution to the many diverse and growing respiratory needs. A fully integrated approach enables the company to meet both changing clinical practice and user requirements. Under the brand name ALTECH , we market single use breathing systems and patent granted single limb and coaxial circuits with integrated truely closed water traps hence avoiding the risks related to condensation . Environmental policy Altech has implemented and environmental management system and has been certified to the international standard ISO 14001. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our products, activities and services and the prevention of environmental pollution.