Clarius Mobile Health Ultrasound Scanners

Clarius Mobile Health was founded by ultrasound innovators who wanted to make ultrasound available to clinicians around the world. Clarius develops the software for and manufactures handheld wireless ultrasound scanners from its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Clarius received FDA 510(k) clearance in December 2016. It is ISO-certified and available for purchase in over 50 countries. Clarius scanners provide superior image quality and are compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market. They are waterproof (rated IP67), making them easy to clean and sterilise regularly. They operate on a rechargeable battery and are encased in a durable magnesium case.

The Clarius App works on both iOS and Android and supports advanced features such as a Colour/Power Doppler, spatial compounding for improved imaging, and needle enhancement. Clarius recently released Clarius Live, a telemedicine feature that allows users to get help through live video, screen sharing, and two-way audio at the touch of a button. For example, a paramedic or EMT at the scene of an accident can relay vital information to a hospital before arriving. Clarius Live can also help connect ultrasound students and educators around the world.

Clarius also supports medical missions to underserved communities, bringing ultrasound to places that didn’t have it before. Dr. Pete Tonseth, a radiologist who visited Biri Island in the Philippines, said:

“There's no medical imaging so nothing, no x-ray, no CT, no ultrasound, so bringing the Clarius device was really the only type of medical imaging that this team had had in the 14 years that they've been doing this, and certainly the only imaging that was available on Biri Island.”

Clarius scanners automate a lot of the processing that sonographers normally would do manually. This "Point-and-Shoot
Ultrasound™" technology adjusts the image processing based on the depth of the area being imaged. It's like how a modern camera “autofocuses” to take clear images. The scanner’s automated gain algorithms analyse ultrasound images in real-time and tune a multi-point time-gain-compensation (TGC) curve, making the necessary adjustments to produce a clear image. By making ultrasound easy to use, Clarius allows medical professionals to acquire high-quality ultrasound images without needing in-depth knowledge of ultrasound physics.

CEO Laurent Pelissier explains the company’s dedication to AI innovation:

"We’ve only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to AI. Our engineers and scientists consistently make breakthrough discoveries when pushing the limits of our devices and platforms, and I believe we’ll soon be poised to become one of the AI leaders within the medical imaging community."

Although the Clarius scanner is not the only wireless ultrasound scanner on the market, Pelissier is quick to highlight Clarius’ features:

"Clarius is the only wireless, handheld app-based ultrasound scanner that offers superior image quality and easy operation for new users. There are other app-based ultrasound systems but either they don’t offer the same level of image quality, ease of use, work wirelessly, or on any OS."

The scanner looks set to revolutionise the way in which ultrasound scans are carried out. With this technology, Clarius hopes to put ultrasound in the hands of more clinicians around the world to improve patient outcomes.