LIPOELASTIC a.s. produces high quality post-operative compression garments

LIPOELASTIC a.s. is one of the biggest high quality producers of post-operative compression garments world-wide and a leader in Europe. We are FDA registered and we have a wide range of products for all use for a reasonable price.  

LIPOELASTIC is European family owned company, which delivers high quality compression garments which are handcrafted and delivered to our final customers. We are customer
driven company with special attention to our customer care. We only use specialist and qualified employees and we cooperate with our patients and doctors and together we come up with the best possible product for the patients. We also have our own research development department to be ahead of the trends and always look for best possible solution for our client  

Founded in 2002, we have expanded into over 75 countries we are present in the Europe, America, Australia, Middle East.

LIPOELASTIC has three own subsidiaries. LIPOELASTIC LTD was established in the United Kingdom in 2016 to deliver excellent service and quality to our customers across the U.K. It is the second subsidiary company after LIPOELASTIC GmbH with its Headquarters’ in Berlin, Germany. Due to the success of our subsidiary operations, in 2017 we further developed into the Benelux countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, where we operate under LIPOELASTIC BV. 

We, at LIPOELASTIC, are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our products. Our goal is to become the market leader in high-quality compression garments in the United States in next few years. We aim to do this by providing our customer with exceptional quality products and through collaborations with experienced top surgeons across united states, we can manufacture new products designs and tailored to customers’ requirements.

We are also proud to be FDA registered and the use of new and functional materials with elegant designs combined with our excellent customer service, which has resulted in positive feedback and reviews.

Why is compression so important and why it should be worn by the patients?

Compression garment is an inseparable part of postoperative care. In some cases, not wearing the right post-surgery compression garment can lead to critical consequences. Among these can be a significantly different result of the procedure than that which the patient was counting on.

Another reason in favor of using post-surgery compression garments is that it speeds up the healing process and therefore the client can make a quick return to everyday activities.

2-4 weeks after procedure

100% of patients who use post-surgery garments return back to everyday activities faster than those who do not use the under garments after the surgery.


  • LIPOELASTIC is FDA registered
  • Own production - Premium quality – Handcrafted
  • SILVER PROTECT and LATEX FREE materials – No further bacteria growth in material and no allergic reaction on the skin
  • Wide range of products for reasonable price
  • Also wide range of Male compression garments
  • All products are: OEKO-TEX certified – No harmful dangerous substances & No unpleasant odors