How Arkangel AI allows physicians and developers to create disease detection systems without AI coding knowledge

Gabriela Rivera | March 06, 2022

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare still seems like a fairy tale in many Latin American countries.However, companies like Arkangel AI are helping the healthcare industry use algorithms to diagnose and treat diseases without having to write a single line of code.

"What we do is create technology to help health professionals or health systems deliver results much faster and much more scalable without any knowledge of coding or artificial intelligence necessary," said Laura Velásquez, President of Arkangel AI, in an interview for Omnia Health.

Velásquez explained that the company is helping with the early diagnosis and effective treatment of different diseases with the application of AI. A diagnosis of fibrosis can typically take weeks for example, in which dozens of studies are reviewed by specialists who analye the case of the patient.

The same occurs with lung cancer, which can take up to three months to be correctly diagnosed; when this happens the patient is already at a late stage and there is not much that can be done. With algorithms developed from AI, the verification of a medical condition can be reduced to two minutes and help the doctor make better decisions on medical treatment.In addition, it is 90% accurate, as required by the WHO in the use of these technologies.

Velásquez assured that algorithms can also help doctors to enhance treatment, as with COVID-19: Arkangel developed a prognosis model for the patient with COVID when they were already in a clinical state. When the pandemic began, she recalled, it took up to 36 hours for PCR test results to arrive and doctors did not know what to do to treat the patient, while confirming the disease.