Successful content marketing for healthcare marketers: How to generate qualified leads


In healthcare, the search for trusted, authoritative content is more important than ever. By embracing content marketing and sharing sought after knowledge, healthcare companies can stand out, make connections and establish their expertise.

Sep 28, 2021

After “uncertainty about the future” – unsurprising, considering the ongoing climate – “difficulty generating new leads and finding new customers” recently emerged as the top challenge shared by healthcare companies in a survey conducted by Omnia Health.

In our recent survey of over 1,600 senior healthcare professionals from across the globe, we asked:

Where is your main focus for driving new healthcare leads?

While in-person events and exhibitions are making their much-anticipated return, the digital marketing landscape for the healthcare industry has accelerated – and the companies making the most of in-person and online opportunities alike will come out ahead.

We also asked:

What are your top learning objectives for the next 12 months