June 21-23 2023

Miami Beach Convention Center, USA

COVID-19: Infection control station


O&M Enterprise Group LLC


Wednesday 27th July | 15:00

Transformation Zone | Stand U68


Product description

Hand Sanitizer Station

We all are aware of the stress we have added to our medical staff for a lack of collaboration.
For the last two years, we have been teaching the population the value of keeping our hands clean, to covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing. These simple practices that for years had been deemed irrelevant. Now is the time to ensure, that we all continue to do our share and take measures to prevent or slow down the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs, and diseases.
How would you do it? Have a hand sanitizer station at the entrance of building wards, clinics, and packing dept. laboratories, etc.

Features include: 

  • Made in USA
  • Elegant PPE organizer
  • Light weight
  • Stable 14” base
  • Catch plate
  • Name plate 
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Metal construction
  • Domestic material
  • Product Dimensions: 62” H  x 7” W x 1.5” D with a 14” base, including mask bracket
  • Shipping dimensions: 30” x 14” x 14”Weight: 30-Lbs
  • Color: Gray, black and white
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Fits most hand sanitizers dispenser brands. Dispensing unit not included. Unit versatile for relocation and fits in tight spaces.

Optional accessories:

  • Single box mask dispenser - aluminium
  • Single collection bin
  • Single box dispenser - aluminium

Recommended use in educational institutions, clinics, dental offices, hospitals, laboratories, packing companies, pharmaceutical packing industry, and research.

Company bio

O&M Enterprise Group LLC 

O&M Enterprise Group LLC was established in June 2001. Government regulation on medical products requires to keep higher standard therefore, we saw the need to focus on products produced in USA. We also saw the need to collaborate with the medical staff, inspired on their commitment to their profession, we designed a Hand Sanitizer Station. A compact unit to make  PPE easily accessible to them. Also inspired on the need to assist the environment we opted to make a unit that will adapt to most dispenser brands. Thinking also on the budget of the medical facilities.


Gladys Moscoso
Sales and Marketing Manager
O&M Enterprise Group LLC

Born in Ecuador. She migrated to USA in 1981 and joined the US Navy 1985 till 1993 and was a security guard/hospital corpsman pharmacy technician. She graduated from Roosevelt University in 1993 with a degree in business administration. She worked in exporting medical products from 1993-2001. Establish O&M Enterprise Group LLC in 2001. Administer a metal manufacturing company in 2008-2020. The company also manufactured their own line of PPE products in 2020. She enjoys walking, gardening, reading and retreats.