June 21-23 2023

Miami Beach Convention Center, USA

Digital Transformation in Colombia: The case of 5 healthtech companies


Pro Colombia


Thursday 28th July | 13:30

Transformation Zone | Stand U68




Get a chance to know 5 of the most innovative healthtech solutions from Colombia.

Currently, Colombia develops software and provides solutions for IT relying on the most important asset to become LATAM Tech’s Next Big Frontier: our qualified talent, which allow companies to improve their productivity, reduce their operational costs and increase the speed of deployment of new computer science tools.


13:30   Digital Transformation in Colombia: The case of 5 healthtech companies
Camilo Osuna, Director of Digital and Creative Industries, Pro Colombia, Miami, Florida

Speakers: Juan Hurtado, Director Business Strategy,  Compunet, San Diego, California 

        Andres Rozo, Chief Executive Officer, IntegraIT, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

        Diana Victoria Uejbe Cediel, CRO Needzaio & CEO Magentrack, Needzaio, Bogota, Colombia 

        Julian Villareal, Product Manager, Smart Data, Bogota, Colombia 

        Gustavo Adolfo Rojas Fajardo, CEO, Soltec Salud, Cali, Colombia  

15:00    Networking Break 


Product Description Summary

mySiss & myHealth

mySiss is a 360 degree digital solution for hospital management, electronic medical report and patient accounting based on the SAP platform. myHealth is a preventive healthcare and patient empower cloud based solution.


Trial 360: the All-in-One Clinical Trials Site Management System
Integra IT

Nowadays, sites that run clinical trials are expected to do everything faster, with less risk of meeting targetsand delivering higher quality. At the same time, sites need to adapt to global changes and adopt technology and remote work while working towards inclusion and diversity in clinical trials. Without losing sight of their site’s operational and strategic KPIs, cash flow, etc., they need the information to make timely decisions.

Trial360, an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 system, was designed to meet these challenges in an easy and affordable on-demand way.

It is a complete solution in the cloud for Research Centers or Sites, a user-friendly, all-in-one, modular and scalable system. Inspired by a site network, it helps comprehensively and efficiently manage clinical trials’ critical processes, including finance.

Core modules: eSource, Recruiting, Scheduling, Electronic Medical Record FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (designed for clinical trials aligned to visits and protocol
specifications), Lab Samples management, and Finance.


  • Tailored trials: multi-study, multi-language, and multi-site.
  • Reduced startup time to hours.
  • Cost-effective trial deployment
  • Patient-centered, easy-to-use, and accessible from any browser, anywhere at any time.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Easy to integrate with any EDC like Medidata RAVE.



A person-centric social network for the cancer journey ZAIA is a companion to patients; a confidant for providers; a measure for performance based medicine; assertion to insurance as ZAIA unifies all that is happening outside the medical record.


Smart Data Automation

Our chatbots are virtual assistants that help us perform tasks using AI and simulate human behavior. Our chatbots can contribute to the health sector process automation such as: requesting patient information and symptoms, scheduling and confirming appointments, sending invoices for services, improving the collection process, and sharing engagement campaigns with patients, among others, over platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, among others.


Soltec Salud

BiHealth is a product of Business Intelligence For The Health Sector, which includes reports managerial, indicators and dashboard completely graphed on productivity, profitability of the services, clinical management, risk management, administrative and financial management managed by Clinics and Hospitals of any specialty. BiHealth is a 100% WEB application that can be installed locally and accessed via the Internet or can be accessed via the Internet or use in the cloud through the SaaS service offered by Soltec Salud. It is responsive and allows the hospital administrator to make strategic decisions based on real-time information from their institution.

Company bio

This product showcase will be presented by the below companies:

WIth more than 20 years' experience in offering economic solutions and excellent quality, Compunet is a company dedicated to the distribution and sale of electronic and appliance equipment for hotels, restaurants and bars.


Integra IT
Founded in 2009, Integra IT develops technological and innovative solutions to facilitate access and surveillance of patient information in clinical trials, epidemiological trials and other trials. 


ZAIA is a smart disease management platform that connects patients with doctors providing them with early alerts to keep the focus on the most important data. A person-centric social network for the cancer journey.


Smart Data
Specializing in in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Measurements, Analytics, Mass SMS and Automatic Calls, Smart Data develops solutions to enhance the communication process between companies and their customers - making it more intelligent, faster and more efficient.


Soltec Salud
Soltec Salud is dedicated to the development and implementation of integral solutions for hospitals and clinics.



Camilo Osuna
Director of Digital and Creative Industries, Pro Colombia, Miami, Florida
With over 12 years' experience working in international business, Camilo Osuna is skilled in business negotiation, market research, key account management and product marketing. He has a strong sales background in the services sector with a Master´s degree from National Taiwan University. Camilo Osuna is proficient in English, Spanish and Mandarin.


Juan Hurtado
Director Business Strategy, Compunet, San Diego, California

Juan Hurtado is a market development specialist with a deep knowledge of the healthcare and agriculture industries. Over the past decade, he has helped to successfully bring to the global market new enterprise ICT products/services.


Andres Rozo
Chief Executive Officer, IntegraIT, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Andres is a CEO at Integra IT, an electronic engineer and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, passionate about finding solutions through technology that solves critical problems. Dedicated to serving organizations that improve people’s quality of life, he has served latin american healthcare and clinical research organizations for the last four years, bringing his knowledge and 15 years of experience in IBM Latin America, with a high focus on diversity, inclusion, and growth in emerging markets by embracing patient-centered, and professionals-centered software, and analytics. Andres enjoy serving others; he loves a good soccer game with friends, a nice BBQ, a good book, and spending quality time with his family.


Diana Victoria Uejbe Cediel
CRO Needzaio & CEO Magentrack, Needzaio, Bogota, Colombia

Entrepreneur and expert consulting with 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Diana Cediel is a specialist in service delivery, population management, and model innovation through real-time monitoring of chronic patients and IoT technologies for patients and physicians in the healthcare ecosystem.


Julian Villareal
Product Manager, Smart Data, Bogota, Colombia

Julian Villareal is an electronic engineer with experience in the telecommunications sector, in areas of software development, commercial and marketing, focused on the approach and implementation of value-added services.


Gustavo Adolfo Rojas Fajardo
CEO, Soltec Salud, Cali, Colombia 

Gustavo Rojas graduated as a Systems Engineer (1989) and received his MBA (2011) from Universidad Javeriana. With a specialization in Software Engineering from the ICESI University, he received a E-business Diploma from Universidad Autonoma de Occidente. He is an entrepreneur and founder of 5 companies in the Software sector. He is currently managing SOLTEC SALUD since 1992. Focused on the sale of Software and development of new products for the health sector, he has successfully implemented some 70 health institutions in Colombia and Ecuador. Gustavo Rojas is also a university professor for undergraduate in engineering and postgraduate in clinical engineering and software business administration courses for 15 years at Universidad Autonoma de Occidente and Universidad ICESI.