June 21-23 2023

Miami Beach Convention Center, USA

The impact of customer centricity in medical technology and medical device innovation


Twinery by MAS


Wednesday 27th July | 15:30

Transformation Zone | Stand U68


Product description 


Intermittent pneumatic compression and pain management products

Dr. Angelo Karunaratne will describe the impact of customer centricity in medical technology and medical device innovation in the current industry and health and wellness space. The objective of the speech will be to talk about the current needs of consumers and how technology has evolved with the needs of the consumer. Medical device innovation has liaised with the advancement of technology making devices more easy, relevant and impactful to a consumer keeping all requirements in mind.

The compression devices have been designed for patients suffering from lymphedema and venous disorders. Compression devices improves blood flow by 64%, reduces swelling by 62%, reduces by 16% compared to compression socks, flushes out lactic acid accumulation and quat jump height increases by 6%. Our pain management solutions are designed using light and heat therapy to reduce back pains. The pain management band focuses on patients suffering from chronic pains.

Our portfolio includes

  • Compression devices for full-leg or calf
  • Compression devices for full-arm or forearm
  • Pain bands for back pain relief
  • Medical grade compression for post-surgery
  • Memory foam tailored posture support

Company bio


Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka wavetec™ is a health-tech startup, fully owned by MAS Holdings. Whilst our focus is in Active Pneumatic Compression solutions, we offer an array of integrated technologies such as compression sensing, haptics, heating and cooling solutions which enhance the functionality of a compression device. Our technologies cater towards improving circulation, rejuvenating sore and tired muscles. As a leader in the active compression market, we offer solutions for circulation that address the wellness recovery market and treatment of medical conditions such as lymphoedema and varicose veins. Wavetec™ designs and develops compression devices that are untethered, sleek and ergonomic so you can always be on the move. Our patented wavetec™ compression profile is currently used in the SPRYNG™ (Calf Recovery Solution) - aimed towards sports and fitness consumers.



Dr. Angelo Karunaratne
Head of Product and Technology for Health and Wellness at MAS Holdings | Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Wavetec
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Biomaterials Engineering, Queen Mary University of London 

Dr. Angelo Karunarante has industry experience in all aspects of medical device, health & wellness, and fitness product development from conception R&D to launch and commercialization for international markets, including medical regulatory compliance and strategic business development. He has a 12+ year track record of working at academia and industry as a Tech and business leader in the area of biomedical engineering and health and wellness product development and commercialization. As an academic researcher, his research focuses on alterations in biological tissue structure and mechanics at multiple length scales during disease conditions and injuries. This research provides a basic scientific platform to develop new drugs for metabolic diseases and also high-resolution diagnostic techniques for early detection of pathological conditions.