Improve the environmental impact of your journey

Compensate for the emissions from your flight to the event

As part of our commitment to the sustainability, we are implementing a range of initiatives to make the event more responsible and we also want to help others in being more sustainable.

Our goal is to become a carbon neutral event. To achieve this, we are reducing our carbon footprint by increasing efficiencies, powering the event by renewable electricity and reducing the amount of waste generated.

While registering for FIME 2022 you will be provided with the option to purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions produced by your flight. Carbon offsets are schemes that are designed to counterbalance any unavoidable carbon footprint by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere in the world.

Through paying a carbon offset fee you help others reduce, remove or avoid emissions being generated. The projects supported include Amazonian Rainforest Conversation in Brazil, Household Biodigester Distribution in China, Domestic Energy Systems in India, Teak Afforestation in Mexico, American Grasslands Conservation in USA and Reserve Preservation in Borneo. Learn more about these carbon offset projects at Informa.

These projects bring a whole host of other positive benefits, such as empowering communities and increasing their wellbeing, protecting ecosystems, creating jobs and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The price for the carbon offset is determined by the quantity of CO2 emissions that an aeroplane gives off per passenger for a given flight distance. This is calculated from a single journey distance, to then cover the carbon emissions produced by the full round trip. The calculation is based on average fuel consumption data for typical short, medium and long-haul flights. The fees for carbon offsets are determined based on the methodology established in Defra’s Environmental reporting guidelines and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting.

We partnered with Natural Capital Partners to ensure support of certified and audited carbon offset projects around the world. All the projects supported are independently verified to assure emission reductions are occurring.

Learn more about Carbon offsetting at Informa events.