GPC Plating &Intramedullary Nailing System - GPC Medical

GPC Medical is the leading orthopaedic company in India with the largest portfolio of CE & US FDA 510(k) approved implants from bone plates, screws, intramedullary nails, hip prosthesis, spinal system, to other implants. 

GPC trauma implants & instrumentation are manufactured from best quality raw materials and designed ergonomically for long fatigue life and ease-of-use. 

The company has established a range of core brands of orthopaedic implants - intraHEAL, fixLOCK, exHEAL, hipHEAL, spineHEAL and orthoPWR designed to address the specific needs of the patients. GPC implants are known for their high quality, affordable pricing and conforms to international quality standards.