Biotron Diagnostics

Biotron Diagnostics known for a World of Excel for USA made, FDA approved high quality and low cost IVD kits for Clinical
Chemistry  ; Immunochemistry (ELISA/CLIA), Urinalysis, Serology ,Fertility, Coagulation, Blood Banking, Rapid Diagnostics, Drug Screening, Biomarkers (Tumor Markers and Cardiac Tests), Infectious Diseases Rapid Tests (Export only), Diabetes (Dr. G  Glucose Meter BGMS & Test Strips)Veterinary test kits. Most Popular ELISA Kits, (Vitamin D VDSP, Vitamin B12 Active 
& others), UroFast Urine Test Strips, Sickle Cell, Dr.G Glucosemeter Combo ( Glucose + A1c))  ,Infectious  Disuse. Rapid Tests for Export,. Biomarkers - Fertility( Female & Male ), Tumor  & Cardiac, Molecular Diagnostics Genotype Innovated Assays (high risk HPV DNA PCR Detection & other Cancers )