Export Director: Juan Manuel Alba

Person in charge of stand: Juan Manuel Alba

Trademarks: PRIM, Optima, Camp, Bebax, Elcross, Prim Max, Airtex, Airmed, Comforsil, Aqtivo, SpinAir


Prim is a Spanish Medical Group with 149 years of history, founded in 1870 by Dr. Prim.

Prim today with business partners in all the continents, manufactures in Spain a wide range of medical devices for the orthopedic, hospital and pharmacy channels. Prim is well known in the health care market for some of its registered brands: PRIM – CAMP – ELCROSS – SWASH – BEBAX – AIRMED – OPTIMA – AIRTEX - COMFORSIL. Latest manufacturing technology, high tech materials and a high qualify team of people makes of Prim one of the leading heath care companies in the world. Always in close and constant contact with the patient through Prim’s own orthopaedic clinics. Prim meets all certificates and registrations: CE – ISO - FDA.