Live in-person:

July 27-29, 2022

Miami Beach Convention Center, USA


July 11-August 29, 2022

Healthcare Innovation Seminar

With the global healthcare industry intensifying its transformation at a rapid pace, we can see an expansion that has an important impact on innovation. Healthcare overall has been looking to improve life expectancy, along with the quality of life, all while focusing on efficiency and lowering costs.

Set across three days, the Healthcare Innovation Seminar will explore where innovation is going and why. With unique challenges, we will explore the key questions and how to provide solutions and examine the latest in technology trends.  

Benefits of attending:

  • Discover new and upcoming trends in patient management
  • Discover application of hi-tech solutions in the hospital setting
  • Review showcase of products and services and their applications
  • Investigate the role of technology in improving patient engagement and health awareness
  • Assess how disruptive technologies and innovations can impact the healthcare ecosystem
  • Determine how connected health technologies can support delivery of new models of care, health and wellness

Key topics:

  • Advancements and opportunities in AI
  • Next gen healthcare innovations
  • Digital health transformations
  • Social innovation in healthcare
  • Genomics and personalised medicine

Who should attend:

  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Distributors
  • Hospital professionals