1 - 4 February 2021

Dubai World Trade Centre

Experience the new FIME

More personalized than ever before

Whether in person or online, FIME now represents more meaningful meetings, a more productive use of your time and a higher return on your investment.

Redefining connections

September 1-3, 2021

Miami Beach Convention Center


August 16 - October 1, 2021

What's new?

More time. More valuable contacts. More return.

In a changing world and with limited resources, we realize it’s more important than ever to spend your time and money wisely. So, we've completely redefined the whole FIME platform, from online to the in-person event.

With our new Connections Experience (CX) at its heart, FIME now includes:

  • A six-week series of online networking in addition to the live event, giving you more time to engage with and convert valuable contacts.
  • New easy-to-use tools to help more desired connections find you
  • Tailored 'Trade Focus' days, and targeted opportunities to showcase, present, connect and transact.
  • The in-person event to help you strengthen relationships, showcase your products, and solidify partners.

Maximize your time at FIME 


Our new Connections Experience (CX) helps you tailor your specialist needs like never before. In the digital world, you can search, discover, connect and more, all at your own pace, making the most of your time.

Our Trade focus days will include presentations and networking opportunities for all in the healthcare sector.

Live in-person

Using our Live platform, you can finalize partnerships, strengthen relationships, demonstrate your products in-person, and benefit from new opportunities from unplanned chance encounters.

The Live event will be organized in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standards to ensure you safely get back to business.

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Leverage the multiple in-person and digital channels FIME has to offer in 2021, allowing you to connect with the healthcare buyers and attendees from the U.S. and Latin America that attend each and every year.

View our new 2021 Online and Live packages. 

Connections Experience (CX)

With our new CX, every participant will be equipped with a suite of easy-to-use tools that create deeper connections through an experience
personalized to your business’ needs.

A six-week series of Online and Live events, giving you more time to engage with and convert valuable contacts

New easy-to-use tools to help more new potential buyers find you

More tailored Medical Specialty and Trade Days and targeted opportunities to showcase, present & connect

The Live event to help you strengthen relationships and showcase your products

Your FIME calendar

A series of focused events, giving you more tailored trade days, specialty topics and targeted opportunities to showcase, present and connect, creating a unique opportunity to engage with the FIME community and make valuable contacts.

  • August 16-22

    Specialty Topics

    • CSSD and Infection Control
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Ortho and PMR
    • Patient Safety

    Trade Days

    • Disposables and Consumables
    • IT Systems and Healthcare Innovation
    • Lab Equipment
    • Medical Instruments
    • Patient Monitoring
    • Regulatory Affairs and Trade
    • Respiratory and Life Support
    • Supply Chain and Healthcare Management
  • August 23-29

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  • September 1-3

    Join us for the Live event at the Miami Beach Convention Center

  • Sept 4 - Oct 1

    Continue networking, making connections and doing business

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With FIME 2021, get the best of both worlds by joining us online and in-person!


FIME offers online and live bespoke packages for its partners, keeping a range of goals in mind.

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Keeping you safe


FIME will be organized in accordance with Informa’s AllSecure health and safety standard. As the world’s leading events’ organizer, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events, providing everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled environment.

Placing your safety at the heart of our events