The Miami Beach Convention Center is ready to welcome you

Miami Beach Convention Center received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ Facility Accreditation, the gold standard for  facilities and venues worldwide. Under the guidance of GBAC (a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association), MBCC has implemented the most stringent protocols and staff training for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention.


1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

FIME 2024 will take place in Halls A-C on the Main Floor, through the West Lobby entrance on Washington Ave.


Valet service for Miami Beach Convention Center events will be provided at the west lobby main entrance off of Convention Center Drive by First Class Parking Systems for $30 per day.

Municipal parking garages closest to the MBCC:

A few public parking garages options include:

  • Parking Lot P29: Located across the street from the convention center on 17th Street & Convention Center Drive. There are a total of 160 parking spaces available.
  • 17th Street Garage: Adjacent to the Theater of the Performing Arts, and is walking distance to the Miami Beach Convention Center. The garage is five stories in height and can occupy up to 1460 vehicles. The facility’s main entrance is on 17th Street across from Convention Center Drive, and is available 24 hours a day.
  • P3 Lot: Location: 1909 Meridian Ave, Hourly Rate: $2/hr, Total Spaces: 31, Max Time Limit: 10hrs, Facility Type: Lot, ParkMobile # 88521
  • G9 Lot: Location: 1661 Pennsylvania Ave, Hourly Rate: 0–4hrs $2/hr; 4-8hrs $8+$1/hr; 8-15hrs $15; 15-24hrs $20, Total Spaces: 562,  Max Time Limit: No Limit, Facility Type: Garage, Event Rate: $15/vehicle during special events, ParkMobile # 88009
  • G5 Lot: Location: 640 17th St, Hourly Rate: O-4hrs $2/hr; 4-8hrs $8+$1/hr; 8-15hrs $15; 15-24hrs $20, Total Space: 1,490, Max Time Limit: None, Facility Type: Garage, Event Rate: $15/vehicle during special events, ParkMobile # 88005
  • G7 Lot: Location: 1735 Meridian Ave, Hourly Rate: 0-4hrs $2/hr; 4-8hrs $8+$1/hr; 8-15hrs $15; 15-24hrs $20, Total Spaces: 714 Max Time Limit: 3hrs in guest lot, Facility Type: Garage, Event Rate: $15/vehicle during special events, ParkMobile #88007
  • P27 Lot: Location: 1662 Meridian Ave, Hourly Rate: $2/hr, Total Spaces: 151, Max Time Limit: 10hrs, Facility Type Lot, ParkMobile #88546
  • G4 Lot: Location: 1550 Collins Ave, Hourly Rate: 0-3hrs $2/hr; 3-6hrs $10; 6-24hrs $20, Total Spaces: 823, Max Time Limit: No Limit  Facility Type: Garage, Event Rate: $15/vehicle Fri, Sat & Sun 8PM-5AM, ParkMobile # 88004
  • MBHS Lot: Location: 2043-2299 Prairie Ave Parking, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Event Parking: $20, Max Time Limit: No Limit.

Download the Park Me App for Miami Beach for real-time parking availability and rates for private and municipal lots and garages in your area. Find the cheapest, closest parking to your destination, reserve a guaranteed parking spot in advance with your credit card, get directions to the lot entrance and set reminders for park times, all through the easy-to-use Park Me app.

Public transportation

Use Miami Dade Transit with stops at 17th Street, the MBCC and Miami Beach City Hall. . Download the Miami Dade Transit app.

Hop aboard the City of Miami Beach’s free trolley to reach the MBCC and area amenities. Visit the Citywide Free Trolley page for routes and hours of operation. Track the trolley’s progress by downloading the City’s trolley app.

GoBrightline is the newest way to ride to FIME! You can hop on from their West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale stations #gobrightline

Download the Freebee Ride App for free eco-friendly rides throughout South Beach and Mid-Beach. The  City of Miami Beach partnered with Freebee to offer a FREE On-Demand Transit (ODT) service to riders throughout Mid-Beach.

ODT service will  provide first mile/last mile service connecting to the existing Miami Beach Trolley and Miami-Dade County Bus service within the service area  and door-to-door service for trips originating and ending within the  service area.

The service is available Monday to Saturday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM and Sunday from 8:30 AM to 10 PM, and it’s FREE!

For ride share service, sign up for Uber or Lyft for door to door ride share service. Apps for Uber and Lyft are available at your favorite app store.