Healthcare Supply Chain and Procurement Conference

Supply chain operations within an evolving health care system

June 23-25, 2020

June 23-25, 2020

Miami Beach Convention Center

Supply Chain and Procurement Conference

The healthcare industry is currently in a unique position to look towards streamlining supply chain operations and
logistics within a rapidly evolving industry.  

There are lots of opportunities to re-evaluate and drive new operational models that can bring about savings,
efficiency and greater collaboration.  Whether it is a hospital, pharmaceutical manufacturer, drug distributor or retailer,
every link in the chain could better manage their inventory or work more closely with suppliers. By embracing the challenge of supply-chain leadership, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies can provide safer, more affordable
access to products that enhance the lives of patients.

This conference will look deeper into this transformation by exploring healthcare distribution models, logistics,
have in-depth discussions on developing the next key strategies towards supply chain operations, and bring together the entire end-to-end healthcare supply chain.

Benefits of attending:

  • Acquire strategies for quality and cost-effective procurement in Latin America
  • Identify trends, challenges and opportunities regarding procurement in the healthcare sector in the region
  • Discuss regional procurement strategy: How to manage procurement or purchasing process of medical products in compliance with government regulations.
  • Discover business strategies and opportunities to access the Latin American market
  • Explore ways to optimise supplier/stakeholder outcomes through effective procurement strategies
  • Learn about the insights and current prospects of industrial/sector policies and the highlights of medical devices regulations in the region  

Key topics:

  • Logistics and distribution
  • Marketing
  • Digital disruption’s impact in the healthcare supply chain
  • Collaboration across the health-care value chain
  • Dealers & distributors’ changing roles in the supply chain
  • Data analytics and technology  

Who should attend:

  • Manufacturers
  • Hospital procurement professionals
  • Dealers
  • Distributors
  • Regulatory affairs professionals