June 19-21 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida

Breakthroughs in Laboratory Diagnostics for Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases, or non-communicable diseases(NCDs), are persistent medical conditions thatdeteriorate over time. The illness lasts at leasta year, impedes daily activities and requirescontinuous medical attention. The global healthcarelandscape is grappling with a surge in chronic diseases likediabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer.

Consequently,the Laboratory Diagnostics market for Chronic Diseases isexpanding to meet the escalating demand for accurate, rapid,portable, automated, and integrated laboratory tests tailoredto diverse population demographics. The global market’sgrowth propelled by technological advancements, reachedUSD 207.5 billion in 2024 with a 9.5% compound annualgrowth rate (CAGR) and an estimated USD 275.39 billion by2028 with a 7.3% CAGR.

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