A multi-track educational platform where you can learn about the latest healthcare developments, challenges and demands, along with best practise solutions.

Day 1

  • Infection Control Conference
  • Medical Technology Conference
  • Healthcare Business Seminar

Day 2

  • Decontamination and Sterilization Conference
  • Healthcare Business Seminar
  • Cardiac Markers Conference

Day 3

  • Patient Safety Conference
  • Hospital Supply Chain and Procurement Conference
  • Healthcare Business Seminar

Healthcare Business Seminar

Growth through partnerships and collaboration

Mega trends, emerging markets and new business models for the CEO

The Healthcare Business Seminar will focus on trends and proposed solutions in value-based reimbursement, policy, new financial models, changing healthcare systems and the shift to population health based care.

Hospital Supply Chain and Procurement conference

New Frontiers in Procurement Excellence

Optimize the planning, procurement and acquisition process

The Hospital Supply Chain and Procurement conference will review the latest strategies to optimize sourcing and procurement in the face of a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Gain access to experts in lean supply chain, making better purchasing decisions and unlocking more value for your investment.

By attending the conference, you will alsoreview actionable good practice for establishing ‘procurement excellence’ in your hospital.

Medical Technology

The future of medicine

What digital and technological advances will change healthcare and medicine as we know it?

Identify the trends to invest in that will transform your hospital. The Medical Technology conference will help attendees ascertain what technologies are sustainable in the long-term, that are patient centric and cost-efficient.

The Laboratory Zone - MEDLAB Americas

The MEDLAB Congress in the USA features 3 tracks dedicated in the field of laboratory medicine and diagnostics where laboratory and medical professionals can share their knowledge and experiences. With the aim of bridging the gap in medical knowledge, the  MEDLAB Congress will host a selection of multi-disciplinary conference tracks that will provide CME Credits, unparalleled education and management solutions to help advance laboratory skills and improve laboratory services in today's competitive market.

The congress will provide a platform to exchange the best practice and latest thinking on how to guarantee the fastest, safest and most accurate laboratory results in the business:   

  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Haematology