FIME will offer a selection of conferences and multi-speciality workshops and seminars providing an unrivalled knowledge sharing and business-networking platform for healthcare trade professionals this August.

3D Medical Printing Conference

Medical Devices Business Seminar

Business Skills Seminar

August 8, 2017
Room 1 - Exhibitor Floor

August 8-10, 2017
Track 1: W206 A - Concourse Opp Hall B
Track 2: W206 B - Concourse Opp Hall B

August 8-10, 2017
Track 1: W205 A - Concourse Opp Hall B
Track 2: W205 B - Concourse Opp Hall B

Analyse this mega health trend and stay competitive by making better purchasing decisions for your organization. Keep up with how leaders are maximizing operational efficiency at their hospital. The conference will focus on success stories and the lessons learnt from implementing 3D printing into practice. A highlight of the programme are top surgeons discussing how they overcome the challenges of your OT and team adapting to new technology and techniques.

An exclusive seminar at FIME and the only FREE seminar focusing on medical device
procurement and sales in the USA. With multiple tracks to choose from over three days, this not-to-be-missed seminar will have content for all experts working in the medical device field.

A seminar addressing all medical dealers and distributors who want to improve their sales and marketing processes to sustain market shares. Pick up new tips on improving
sales pipelines, conversion rates and marketing leads for competitive market edge.

Health Technology Innovation Conference

Nursing Conference

The Laboratory Zone - MEDLAB Americas

August 9, 2017
Room 1, Exhibition Floor

August 10, 2017
Room 1, Exhibition Floor

August 8-10, 2017
Room 2, Exhibition Floor

The Health Tech Innovations Conference at FIME will analyse mega health trends and help you stay competitive by making better purchasing decisions for your organization.

Keep up with what’s translating into better patient engagement and outcomes whilst maximizing operational efficiency

Enabling nurses to empower their health teams, this conference shares knowledge on evidence-based approaches to collaborate more as a unit. Learn to improve the equality of care for patients and keep up with new practice on safety and
ethical obligations. 

The MEDLAB Americas Congress features 3 tracks dedicated in the field of laboratory medicine and diagnostics where laboratory and medical professionals can share their knowledge and experiences. With the aim of bridging the gap in medical knowledge, the MEDLAB Americas Congress will host a selection of multi-disciplinary conference tracks that will provide CME credits,including Clinical Microbiology, Haematology and Point of Care Testing.

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