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US Medical Devices: Imports and Exports, and the Role of the FDA

With the United States leading the world as the largest medical device market, there is a growing interest from manufacturers and distributors to partner and expand the distribution of medical devices and equipment between Latin America and the United States.

However, many requirements need to be met to make these endeavors a success.

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Medical device tax still weighs on the minds of medtech execs

The medical device excise tax is scheduled to restart in January after being suspended for the last four years (for two consecutive two-year periods). Will the industry's renewed lobbying efforts get the tax repealed once and for all?

Healthcare Innovation & the Digital Health Landscape in Latin and North Americas

The global digital health market generated US$ 73.1 billion revenue in 2017 and is predicted to observe a tremendous growth, with a CAGR of 21.1%.

Check out the key figures, trends for 2019 and see how the future of innovation on healthcare can affect your business goals.

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Refurbished medical devices market in North and Latin Americas

The refurbished medical equipment market contributes to grand societal challenges by reducing waste and conserving resources; increasing access to healthcare in markets with increasing healthcare cost pressure; and offering economic benefits from extending the life cycle value of manufactured equipment and creating new jobs, growth and investment.

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Tariffs: Is Mexico the next China?

The medical device industry is keeping a close eye on the relationship between the United States and its immediate neighbor to the south. The countries reached a deal to indefinitely suspend proposed tariffs after the U.S. announced earlier this year that it would impose a 5% tariff, eventually set to rise to 25%, on all imports from Mexico, including medical devices.

The United States relies on Mexico for 17% of its medical device imports. It could potentially be devastating to the medical device industry and, ultimately, to patients. Read more about tariffs on medical devices in this report.  

Software as a medical device (SaMD): fast-tracked and growing

FDA programs are helping medical device companies get SaMD products to market faster. This as, according to a Yahoo! Finance report, the global medical software market is projected to grow 5.8% each year, reaching $19.3 billion by 2025.

As we rely more on technology in all aspects of our lives, healthcare won’t be left behind. However, the FDA is focused on making sure those behind automating medical treatments and other related technologies can be trusted.  

Declining Health Drives Device Demands in Latin America

To project medical device demands in Latin America for the next several years, just look to its aging, ailing population. ‘Latin America is getting older, heavier and sicker’ says a report by Global Health Intelligence which compares growth in 2018 to forecast demand for medical devices. Among the medical devices in highest demand are ultrasound, endoscopy, MRI, EXG and X-Ray machines.


Healthcare market insights in Latin and North Americas

US spends 17.8% of GDP - this is the highest percentage in the world. The global average is just 6.8%.

Check the overview of market forces, key trends, healthcare spending and other factors affecting the US and Latin American healthcare marketplace.

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