June 19-21 2024

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In line with China's efforts to create more favorable conditions for global companies to grow in its vast and lucrative market, the annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) has been critical in promoting investment opportunities, executives at several multinational companies have said.

The world's top 15 pharmaceutical companies and the 10 largest medical equipment makers were present at the fifth CIIE held from Nov 5 to 10 this year. According to the CIIE Bureau, the event's organizer, the total value of contracts inked at the event grew 3.9 percent year-on-year to $73.52 billion.

Beyond hosting 10,000 international delegates representing the most innovative health care companies, executives, academics, and entrepreneurs, the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) is committed to incorporating exemplary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards into the Americas’ largest health care conference, which will take place on July 27th to July 29th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. 

FIME implements comprehensive environmental, social, and governance programs for the largest health care conference in the Americas

Be the first among global pharmaceutical enterprises to know the latest health technology and product debuts in China. Since its inception in 2018, the China International Import Expo (CIIE) has been widely regarded as an international public good for the world to share.

The Medical Equipment and Healthcare Products exhibition area at CIIE has become an important platform for global pharmaceutical enterprises to explore the Chinese market and share development opportunities in China.

International Medical Expo is coming back to Miami Beach with the latest healthcare and health tech products, speakers, and innovators who will gather at the event’s Transformation Zone, a new and exciting element of the renowned expo.

The Transformation Zone will focus on healthcare innovation, hosting an array of conversations and sessions that provide leading experts in the sector with a one-of-a-kind platform to showcase their groundbreaking ideas, techniques, and industry insights.

The Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) will return to the Miami Beach Convention Center from Wednesday, July 27th through Friday, July 29th, bringing together over 700 exhibitors from more than 45 countries for the largest medical trade show in the Americas.

FIME, which is produced by Informa Markets, offers a unique and critical business-to-business platform for professionals in the health care and medical sector, with the opportunity to connect with thousands of medical device and equipment manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, and other healthcare professionals.

In the healthcare industry, the metaverse is rapidly gaining traction. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, quantum computing, and robotics are all expected to change healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes.

In recent years, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies have advanced tremendously, and they are now frequently employed in medical training, teaching modules, and surgical procedures to perform complex surgeries with extreme precision. These components are also employed in medical device and equipment software and hardware to improve their performance

The telemedicine industry was already embarking on a precipitous rise at the start of 2020, well before the first signs of COVID-19. Once the pandemic hit and now one year later, those numbers have steadily increased and are showing no signs of slowing down.

The crisis-driven challenges brought on by the pandemic forced virtual care to centerstage, from what was once considered an uncharted frontier for most to a viable and preferable solution and resource to respond to patients’ needs.

3D printing can help physicians and surgeons in creating different models that may be used in space, as well on Earth to help train physicians, speakers revealed on the last day of Arab Health 2022.

“One of the things that always strikes me when we try to challenge ourselves is that we have to be creative and invent new technologies,” said Dr Scott E. Parazynski, Ambassador for 3D Life, who spent 17 years at NASA as an astronaut, during a panel talk named "Medical 3D Technologies: From Earth to Space" at the Healthcare Transformation Talks.

IArtificial Intelligence in healthcare still seems like a fairy tale in many Latin American countries.However, companies like Arkangel AI are helping the healthcare industry use algorithms to diagnose and treat diseases without having to write a single line of code.

"What we do is create technology to help health professionals or health systems deliver results much faster and much more scalable without any knowledge of coding or artificial intelligence necessary," said Laura Velásquez, President of Arkangel AI, in an interview for Omnia Health.

It's safe to say that 2020-21 has not been business as usual for healthcare professionals.

Since the last Voice of the Healthcare Industry Market Outlook report in December 2019, this industry found itself at the centre of the greatest challenge the world has seen to date this century.

Colombian healthcare continues to grow in international appeal, according to Ricardo Pedroza, US Director at ProColombia, despite or because of the pandemic. Speaking to Omnia Health Insights (video below), he elaborated on several of the Latin American nation’s strengths in health tourism and health tech.

Sep 28, 2021- In healthcare, the search for trusted, authoritative content is more important than ever. By embracing content marketing and sharing sought after knowledge, healthcare companies can stand out, make connections and establish their expertise.

May 19, 2021 - The largest medical trade show of the Americas is proud to announce that its 30th annual trade fair is making a return to Miami. FIME will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) from September 1-3, 2021. Following FIME's hiatus last year due to the pandemic, global event organizer, Informa Markets, took a new approach to create an exciting program for the 2021 show. Based on extensive feedback from past attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and partners, and using customer-driven insights, the entire FIME platform has been redefined.

June 1, 2020 - While Brazil and Mexico have gotten most of the attention during the coronavirus pandemic, newer information coming from the region shows large cities and small towns alike are now reporting a larger number of
cases.  It all points to what experts say is a late wave in the spread of COVID-19 throughout Latin America, as most of the rest of the world is believed to be on the opposite end of the curve.

May 15, 2020 - The urgent need for governments to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis has made them more malleable with rules and regulations to get much-needed medical devices and supplies in the hands
of the medical professionals on the frontlines. From increased healthcare spending to suspending trade and loosening regulations, measures from Europe to Latin America are focused on a fast response.

May 15, 2020 - As the world begins to slowly emerge from government-ordered quarantines and socially led self-isolation with new COVID-19 cases leveling-off, the next frontier in the fight against the coronavirus is the development of an effective vaccine that can be made widely available. For the medical device and supply industry, this presents an opportunity for manufacturing and distributing syringes and other products necessary to deliver a vaccine to millions of people.

May 13, 2020 - For five days in June the global healthcare community will be brought together on a scale like never seen before through a new experience delivered entirely online, Omnia Health Live. The virtual event is brought by Informa Markets Healthcare, organiser of world-leading events Arab Health, Hospitalar, FIME and Medlab Middle East.

May 4, 2020 - A number of countries have now started to report that the rate of COVID-19 cases has started to decline. However, the progress that is being watched even more closely is the development of a coronavirus vaccine. It normally takes years to develop, approve and produce an effective vaccine. But due to the need of the hour, there are currently over 70 COVID-19 vaccines in development worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

May 3, 2020 - Cleveland Clinic is establishing the Center for Global and Emerging Pathogens Research to broaden understanding of emerging pathogens – ranging from Zika virus to SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) – and to expedite critically needed treatments and vaccines.

April 15, 2020 - The structural features of the surgical suite can influence not only the efficacy of the treatment provided but also the overall patient and staff experience. Modular operating room construction (MOR) is a concept that aims at improving architectural and engineering design as well as ergonomics of the occupied space.

April 12, 2020 - For many medical equipment markets, the pandemic’s impact is largely predictable—systems essential to diagnosing, monitoring, and treating COVID-19, like ventilators, patient monitoring solutions and digital X-ray, are experiencing exceptionally high demand and receiving the necessary funding, leaving little remaining budget for non-essential systems like MRI and interventional solutions. However, the prospects for medical imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, that fall somewhere in between essential and non-essential equipment are not as cut and dried.

The impacts of the coronavirus are unarguably far reaching. Among them is the interruption manufacturing and approvals of medical devices, and the slowing of elective medical procedures which is also impacting the medical device industry.

The value of 3D printing in Latin America’s healthcare industry is projected to grow. A 2019 report by Ken Research suggests it will reach $1.97B by 2023. The study attributes this in part to infrastructure development in the region, with key players improving upon the materials and technology used to develop 3D printed medical devices.

With a 1.1% projected GDP growth, a Global Health Intelligence (GHI) report indicates there could be new opportunities in Mexico this year for the medical device industry. This follows the country’s mild recession in 2019. The key to success, according to GHI, is being analytical.

FDA programs are helping medical device companies get SaMD products to market faster. This as, according to a Yahoo! Finance report, the global medical software market is projected to grow 5.8% each year, reaching $19.3 billion by 2025.

Could Mexico be next? The medical device industry is keeping a close eye on the relationship between the United States and its immediate neighbor to the south. The countries reached a deal to indefinitely suspend proposed tariffs after the U.S. announced earlier in 2019, that it would impose a 5% tariff, eventually set to rise to 25%, on all imports from Mexico, including medical devices.

To project medical device demands in Latin America for the next several years, just look to its aging, ailing population.
‘Latin America is getting older, heavier and sicker’ says a report by Global Health Intelligence which compares growth in 2018 to forecast demand for medical devices.